While everyone is upset with current BMW, I love the new wave. BMW has made their cars so easy to live with, so seamless to integrate into daily life that even Honda should be taking notes. The 6er GT is nearing the pinnacle of what the perfect all-purpose bodystyle will be. It’s the only car people will have parked in their driveways and garages in the future. I’ve seen it and now I’m a believer.

I had an X3 for nearly two weeks and enjoyed the lacquer out of it. On the same day that I checked out the Kia Stinger (I’ll have a post about my impressions coming eventually) I also went to Carmax because I enjoy poking at cars in my free time. Outside of April 25th, Carmax is my perfect date. Well there was this 5-Series GT which I didnt notice what it was until I was right on the quarter glass and, standing next to it, looking down at the car, it looked attractive...even, dare I say, alluring? Yes, I dare! I was allured!

I opened up the door, checked out the front seats, got comfortable (nailed it on a single scoot), and noticed that everything was where an $80,000 car should be including the $30,000 drop on the used price tag. I get out and note the effortless ingress and egress before I checkout the rear seats. Impressive! The rear seat space was fantastic, even behind myself sitting upright! Leg room, hip room, shoulder room, head room, this was living room!!

So in a completely spontaneous move (I’m composed entirely of those when they fit my schedule), I went down to the BMW dealer and checked out the only 6er GT they had. I should have taken pictures but I wasn’t expecting I’d want to look at it later. My mistake.


Look at that body. Look. At. That. BODY. I am telling you that it works out! My lawd alrighty, this ungainly body is perfect and mighty! It’s genius! It’s paramount! It is literally, literally insouciant without being recherché!! My only weakness besides fatal wounds and bunny noses. How did you know BMW?

Im sold!! ...I dont have money.

You can hear a fart echo in this thing and have time to marvel over the quality of reverb, it’s that quiet and cavernous! If you complain about high beltlines, thick pillars, and no visibility in modern cars then guess what? This is exactly what you’ve been asking for! Now that you what that looks like you now know why designers don’t take your advice.


Of course the presence of a hatch means that the rear seats can seat five and fold down. It’s a crossover-killer, a sedan-killer, and I promise that there is a positive difference between this All-Purpose Sedan (APS) bodystyle and a wagon. Go check one out, open your mind to try things you wouldn’t buy.

Panamera? Yeah the rear quarter looks better now but if you are a broad individual that truly utilizes the practicality of your cars (including having passengers on occasion) then the 6-Series GT is a revelation.


I personally find current BMW interiors to be ergonomically impressive, well thought out in material textures, the monostatic gearshift and stalks to be plenty intuitive, and iDrive is one of the only infotainment systems I look forward to using when I’m in a car. I rarely interact with UConnect in my Grand Cherokee and a vinyl casette player would be used far more than the touchscreen in my XF. There is something about current iDrive that makes it an honest pleasure to utilize.

The 6GT is a beast of a bodystyle and the most balanced character in the game right now. Like a Level 67 Paladin running Healing Force and Exorcism while equipped with Ondine’s Teardrop and Shards of Excalibur. High praise indeed! My magic resistance may have been +23 but that still wasn’t enough to neutralize the magic of this carriage.


The biggest change in consumer preferences is that people are owning fewer cars. The days of a two driver household owning a truck, an SUV, an old sedan, a fairly new coupe, two jetskis, three bikes, and a project are going away. Instead of spending $80,000 across ten years of accumulated single purpose stuff with a single purpose use, people are going to realize that it makes more sense to buy an $80,000 car that does everything effortlessly while paying out less because $40,000 in depreciation over 4 years is still $40,000 in hand and a ton of saved cash and time in insurance and upkeep.

I’m now convinced that the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo is closing in on the all-purpose vehicle that can make the single car garage a lifelong move. Anything this bodystyle can’t do an app will cover in the future. We are just one more generation away.