I'm gonna need this for a while for what I'm about to say...

So I saw a black i8 in a parking space and on the road yesterday evening for the first time(it may even be the only one in Michigan right now, for all I know), and if I'm honest, I didn't like it very much; the whole design/concept. I just don't.

I like small parts of it though. Nah, I only liked the taillights. It's just too "concepty" to me; it's like a BMW trying to be a Lambo, and it's too outlandish. Maybe that's the point, I don't know, it's just not that interesting to me; I'm not fascinated by it at all. it doesn't entice me to want to take pictures of it; if I saw one at a car show, it wouldn't beckon me to come take pictures of it, it's just "meh".


Fire away, Oppo.


P.S. Thumbs up if you caught on to my title..