Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Friday through Sunday. It includes BMW's new sports hybrid, WRC Argentina, the Spanish Grand Prix and your next car.

The BMW i8 is a lot like the Mazda RX8 - carwitter


This has been a busy week in the automotive world. Those who aren't test driving the LaFerrari or BMW i8 are paying attention to those cars now. Before, I wasn't the biggest fan of hybrids. Early Prii doomed the hybrid name. I have slowly turned on that opinion. The BMW i8 made that opinion completely change. Read more…

WRC Argentina: Day 1 summary (SS1-SS5) - FreddsterExprs, the W108 guy

It's WRC's second trip to South America, and Argentina welcomed the teams with its best impression of British conditions: Wet and muddy, making the already difficult stages even harder to pass. Read more…

Technically Formula 1 - Spanish Gran Prix - Fractal Footwork


Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least what we thought was possible. Read more…

What is your current "My next car will for sure be a ______" - CrzRsn

You know how you all get into a groove and you're stuck on a particular make or model or body type for a while. All you can think about is that one car. You search local classifieds and Craigslists for that one perfect car. You go on that car's forums to see buying and ownership tips. It happens to all of us - be it lifted Jeeps, P71 Crown Vics, Miatas, wagons, JDM imports, E39 M5s or whatever else you may be into at the moment. Then after a few days or weeks of constant desire, something clicks and you move to the next desire. Read more…


BMW i3 Review - Road Magazine


If you'd have approached me a few days ago and asked me which BMW model I'd pick to drive out of their entire range, I'd have picked the electric puppy that you and I know as the i3. For me, it's the most exciting car of recent memory and something that I feel very drawn to. Maybe it was because I'd heard so many people sing it's praises already, or maybe it was the excitement of driving something more futuristic than what I'm accustomed to. Let me tell you something right off the bat; when I did get to drive it, I wasn't disappointed. Read more…

A Great 5 Year Plan for the 1970 - Groagun

While some criticism has been leveled at Sergio Marchionne, now and in the past, for the most part he is hailed as the 'golden boy' of auto executives. I'm not in the praise and 'God' making business so let me start the tear down. Read more…


I Have Driven a 2015 WRX - Neal Norman


And can confirm that it is, in fact, a car. Much like many other cars, it has 4 wheels, which are round. In this case, they are all powered. It has 4 doors, which makes it a sedan. Were this a BMW, it would probably be labelled as a coupe. But thankfully, it is not. They open and close with a thunk I would describe as reassuring but not-quite-German. Read more…

Chinese Dealer Punished for Spreading Sales Limit Rumors - Automatch Tom

According to a Bloomberg report, a Chinese dealer incited a sales panic when he allegedly told buyers that Nanjing would be imposing restrictions on auto-sales. In order to alleviate traffic congestion and pollution, many large cities in China set quotas on how many new vehicle registrations are allowed, which in turn limits the amount of new cars that can be sold within that time period. Read more…


A really fast Jeep - Torque Affair


I'm normally not a big fan of SUVs, but this one I really liked...the 2014 Jeep Cherokee SRT8. I rarely ever see these around. 470 hp, all wheel drive with tons of goodies. Here's just a few - heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel (that's a first for me to come across), reclinable rear seats, a media center with everything you can think of, various kinds of ride modes...and the list goes on and on. Read more…

2014 Mercedes C300 Review - Ricorich196

I've been long term renting [read Leasing] my C300 Sport for about 3 weeks now and figured it would be nice to share my thoughts… This is my first car after using my family's car since I've had my license. My current family car is a 2002 Honda CRV so every single thing about this car is 100x better. I won't be using a number grade since it won't even be fair. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Davlac89 shared some of his photography exploits. Louros attended Red Bank C&C. Twinturbobmw took photos at Portland C&C. CrzRsn visited Parking at Pasteiners. Trevor Mohr got some swag from VW. Briannutter1 took 7 records at the ECTA Standing Mile. Burglar killed cones in his Beetle. VincentvanCabrioW took some more photos of his VW Cabrio. Zipppy saw a classic Grand Prix. Cherry85ss showed off some of his dad's cars. Eric went to a car show. Joshua Gilbert photographed some VWs. B_Dol went on a little cruise. Jsmizira took a cruise to Santa Cruz. Jkm7680 spotted a VW Golf Plus in the US. SnapUndersteer autocrossed his e36 M3. K-Roll brought his dad's 911 to Woodward. Velocity enjoyed Formula Drift at Road Atlanta. Reigntastic redid his intercooler piping. HondasFordsVolvos went field bombing in his old Accord.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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