Best kept secret of automotive journalism? Free food and booze – well it’s not exactly a secret, but it is awesome. That’s right while you’re at your desk job trying not to rip your hair out, I’m having a cold hefeweizen and a bratwurst at the Audi booth, maybe a hand-crafted-artisan coffee at the Volvo booth, or maybe it’s chili eaten out of a Doritos bag at the Ford booth. Either way, at every major automotive show the manufactures have these great perks for journalists, and I wanted to run through the best and worst options at this years 2017 NAIAS.

Volvo: Makes you feel like you are back in Sweden. Their baristas sport a Norwegian look, big beards, Brooklyn-esqe aprons, and delicious coffee.

Ford: Chili served out of a Doritos bag? Sounds like Ford, actually that kind of sounds like a Ford Taurus, but who’s checking?

Audi: Pretzels and Hefeweizen. Yes please. (winner of the FIRST EVER “Best Booth “Award”).


Media Room (where journalists “work”): Eggs, bacon, home fries, pastries, coffee for breakfast


Toyota: Was Toyota at the Auto show this year? Oh yea they debuted this:

Mercedes: If anyone can make you feel insignificant and poor, it’s Mercedes and their upscale coffee booth.


Alfa Romeo: Didn’t serve any coffee, but did serve up some of the best looking models (cars that is), and Klaus Busse wins for best dress (seriously that suit kicked ass – see you Italy Klaus).


Smart Car: Gets an “A” for effort, they put out Bruce Cost Ginger Ales which are DELICIOUS:

All other manufacturers please step your game up next year.

You’re on notice.