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The both joyful and sad moment of recovering stolen property

About 6 months ago, 3 dudes jumped me because they cut in front of me at a pizza place, and when I asked them not to, the bartender saw them threaten me and he kicked them out. It’s still weird to me. Fractured ribs. They stole my mountain bike.

Flash to a week ago and the same year, color and approximate size bike with the same modifications is on Craigslist. Woohoo! Just need to plot a fake buy get non emergency PD to back me up and take it back. Well the seller ignored my emails, and the emails from a fake account. No contact info, puts me at a dead end.

Today, desperate, I post an ad pointing out the first ad and essentially begging the person who likely bought it to contact me. And wouldn’t you know it, they did. Even though I didn’t have to give him a thing, I agreed on the phone to give him his costs. And in person I threw in an extra $30, although I got the sense that he knew it was stolen and with my new craigslist ad he knew he couldn’t sell it, and it made me want to retract the extra.


The other frustrating part is that the shitheads who touched my bike in the last 6 months have destroyed it. Seriously messed with the seat tube, thrown out the nice parts I put on it. Shit...

Definitely bittersweet. I’ve got an emotional connection to it but it’s barely my bike any more.

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