The Box Car

If you were in the know and a Chevrolet approved race team in 1999 it was possible to purchase a new Corvette for a mere $20,000 (the equivalent of $30,000 today). But there was a catch.


You went to your local Chevrolet parts counter and ordered a single part number. After traveling to Flint Michigan to get your “part” you received a frame, suspension, steering wheel, engine, brakes, transmission, and rear end, all fully assembled. The rest of the car, including body panels, were shipped in boxes.

All of the chassis were assembled in the Bowling Green plant but pulled off the assembly line prior to what is known as serialization. In other words these twenty cars did not have the standard 17-digit VIN. Neither were they counted into the 1999 model year production numbers. All of the cars were given a serial number from GM Motorsports. They ran from 0000001 to 0000020.

Parts were delayed in 1999 and some body panels arrived damaged, so in 2001 no body panels were included and anti-lock brakes were added.


20 were sold in 1999, 10 in 2000, and 12 in 2001.

The sauces:

High-Performance C5 Corvette Builder’s Guide by Walt Thurn. Published 2007

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