So it’s looking like I have a bad rear drivers side caliper on the 2007 Milan, my DD. Which means after over 50,000 miles of ownership and 97,000 total miles on the car, something has finally failed. 2.5 years of ownership with no repairs other than brake pads all the way around (rotors up front), a new set of tires and oil changes.

I had been getting some squeeks from it and new I was going to need to check the brakes, but I had a grind on it yesterday and thought:


So I grabbed some tools, popped off the wheel and sure enough the back left was down to about 2-3% pad life remaining. I’d guess the right side had about 40-50% left, which means I should have had a looooong time before needing to pull the wheel. With such uneven wear, it’s gotta be a bad caliper.


So, I didn’t have time to do the whole caliper so I slapped on new brake pads all the way around and hopefully I don’t wreck them driving to and from work today (I’m already here so if I do, damage is done!).

I was working until about 9 PM last night (in the dark at that point) just to get the pads on in the driveway so maybe I can do the caliper and bleed the brakes this weekend. Drove up here fine. I didn’t get any pictures as I was trying to work quick last night, so here’s the Milan next to the lifted Jeep Commander in the driveway.

Illustration for article titled The Brakes Broke

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