I generally get bored by auto shows - partly because I have the attention threshold of a hyper-curious 3 year old. But mostly because all the stalls are just sales pitches stuffed to the brim with hype and proprietary technobabble.

That’s why instead of listening to the sales people, I polled the models on what car they drive. This gave me an idea of what an average Brazilian drives and helped me get over my fear of beautiful people.

So without further ado – according to my highly scientific data gathering, here are the prestigious accolades I will bestow.


🏅Most Popular Automaker: Mother Nature

Its sort of cheating, but of the 103 models I asked, 38% said they didn’t even own a car. This may be skewed because I’m pulling samples from the largest city in the southern hemisphere but I’m no scientist.

🏅Most Hated Automaker: Peugeot

Not Pictured: The on call tow truck following behind (Img credit: http://bestsellingcarsblog.com)

Only one model owned a Peugeot and she hated the car (a 206) so much that she spent the next 30 minutes explaining to me all the different levels of hell that car puts her through.

It may have been influenced by the fact that she was working at a Chevy stand, but as a Frenchman I met recently said “The Germans and the Italians learned how to make cars, but the French missed class that day.”


🏅Most unhappy (at me) Staff: BMW

The pissed off manager circa 2001. (Img credit: http://www.motoringexposure.com)

One of the head salespeople overheard me polling the models and shot me a dirty look. Needless to say that resulted in an absurdly small sample size of 2 from the BMW Stall.

🏅Most popular Model: Fiat Palio and Volkswagen Fox (and Kin)

The spaceship of my dreams.

The Fiat Palio matched the Volkswagen Fox family with a grand total of 6 cars from each. I’ll give the Fox family the win though, because it has such models as “Space Fox”, “Pepper Fox” and “Run Fox”.

🏅Most Telling Graph

(Img credit: Excel + Prnt Scrn + MSPaint)

I made a weighted average of the cost of a new car based off of this data and compared it to the average salary of a person in Sao Paulo. I think it adds a nice humorous overtone to the BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Lexus stands at the auto show.

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