So when Paul wrote the article about the 1st class BA burger on FlightClub, I promised in the comments that I would try it out and write a review next time I would fly through Heathrow. Here it is!

The British Airways 1st class burger AKA the BA Burger

(Full disclosure: British Airways wanted me to try their BA Burger so badly that they required me to fly almost halfway to the moon in one year to grant me access to their 1st Class Lounge to order that famous burger.)

So I've been really excited to try out the BA Burger in the 1st class lounge ever since I read about it on FlightClub… Unfortunately I never get to fly 1st class because economy tickets are company policy and I am by no means rich enough to afford the ticket myself. But I do fly a lot. Not enough to get a plane named after me but enough to get access to the 1st class lounge on international flights and that famous burger. And today is that day!


Presentation: 6/10

Pretty nice, but I wasn't blown away. Looking at the press picture from BA and the actual burger reminded me of an ad for a Big Mac and the Big Mac you actually get. It's like comparing Beverly Hills to West Hollywood. Not. The. Same!


Taste 7/10

I would hire an Irish guy to handle theft prevention and an Italian to manage logistics before I would hire a British chef so my expectations were pretty low. The quality of the ingredients were definitely top notch but somehow it still just wasn't great. Look, I'm not saying it was really bad, but honestly had it been a $20 burger at a gourmet restaurant, I would have sent it back. It was just that overcooked!


Ambience 5/10

Honestly, not my cup of tea! The conversations you hear in this lounge are definitely quite different than most other places. Like: "Oh you must come to our second vacation home in Bahrain, Darling. It is exquisite" or "Now we have to figure out, how to get those Rubles out of the country". And that was just while I was waiting for the burger. Not my world but it's interesting to listen to the problems of the 1%. However, I would prefer a Mexican Tequila Bar in Ensenada during the Baja 1000 any day of the week!

Value 10/10

Free. Nothing more to say about that!


I live in San Diego, I have many great burger choices. If the BA burger was served in my home town it would be far from my first. Hodad's, Rocky's and In N' Out would all be better options than the BA burger, but… we're at an airport and compared to the average airport food it is still far far better. Just don't but a 1st class ticket to try it out. Your money would be far better spent on a 1998 Mazda Miata.