It began simply enough. I pulled into the parking garage this morning and got out, and as a young guy walked by, he said, “I really like your car.” I thanked him and then complimented him on his, a 335i. He said he’d considered an E90 M3 like mine, but since he was a dad like me, but taller by a few inches, the extra room in the F30 was pretty critical. He said a friend of his with an E9x took his to autox quite a bit and I shared that I’d been out to our local track several times in mine. We both talked about taking drives to the Ozarks to enjoy the incredible back roads there. He mentioned the C5 Z06 he had, and said he was considering swapping it out for an S2000 (for lower consumable costs at the track). I asked if he knew he could fit, and shared that I barely fit in the new Miata. We realized we were both part of a local Caffeine and Gasoline group. All of this in a 5 minute conversation on the way from our shared parking garage to our our shared office building, and it all started with a simple compliment.

Moral of the story: never miss the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a car guy or gal.