What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

New rim and clip ons came in, the speedometer is placed about where I want it, new brake light switch is on too, but the damage to the brake mount may be too much to repair and I might need another one. I need to pull the front end back apart and check the front brake discs to see if they are bent, slap them on the new rim, and get a tire mounted on it.

So what’s left?

  • fix or replace brake cylinder/lever (currently won’t activate the brake switch)
  • buy and install new lighting and signal switches (left handlebar switches)
  • mount grips
  • install bar end weights
  • fabricate, paint, and install speedometer mount
  • install front rim
  • buy and install new front brake rotors (maybe)
  • attempt to un-dent the tank with fire and ice
  • repaint tank after melting paint attempting to un-dent tank
  • buy and install headlight
  • buy, modify, paint, and install front fender
  • Buy and install new clutch and brake levers (maybe)
  • modify and reroute front wiring
  • buy and install coolant overflow bottle
  • buy and install horn
  • buy and install some sort of mirrors
  • install that fuel line clip I forgot on the high-pressure line
  • torque down all bolts
  • finalize handlebar and control positions
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I’ve been riding the yellow gsxr in all week as my roommate is on vacation for the next week and change, saves me $150 in tolls a week plus gas, less time spent in traffic, and a free bike wash when I got caught out in a severe thunderstorm.

The gsxr is a tad bit... aggressive as a commuter, I can’t put a lot of pressure on the tank with my knees as I am still working on recovery with a torn hip adductor, and the body positioning puts a lot of stress on my wrists, which either got sprained or broken in the accident, so that’s nice.


As an awesome aside, NASA has been pretty awesome, well since forever, but lately they have been on point. You can have your name put on the next Mars rover here:

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I really want to find someone to print these on an actual boarding pass now.

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