Repost for the evening crowd - I can only assume the lack of hatemail means you agree with me

I had an interesting thought: if I wanted an Elise, but couldn't afford one, what sort of car would I want? The obvious answer is MR2, but that's too easy. What if I single out some aspects of the car that I find appealing? Maybe I could find something similar that you wouldn't think of.

*Disclaimer - this is meant to be satirical, kinda. Please don't burn me at the stake*

Well, I did. And the conclusion I came to is the C4 Grand Sport


HOLD ON A SECOND LET ME EXPLAIN! I can feel you foaming at the mouth, ready to jump into the comment section and disbar me from ever posting on Oppo again. This is crazy. What kind of moron would ever compare these two cars?

I'm not a track day enthusiast. Maybe some day I will be, but to me the track readiness of a car is totally unimportant. I like sports cars though, but what does that mean?

I like my car to look sporty. That can take many forms, but no one can argue either of these two aren't sporty. I want to feel like I'm in something sporty. That means sitting low. I've sat in a Tesla Roadster and a C4 Corvette, and both sit very low. I also like being able to have the sun touch my head in my sports car, and both of these have a removeable roof.


See? They aren't THAT different.

What about drivetrain? Well, the Corvette is often mistaken to be a front engined car, but it isn't really. You guys know that; the engine sits behind the front wheels


The Elise is also MR. Of course the engine being behind your head is totally different, but whatever I'm making a point here shut up stop calling me names in your head.

I like my sports cars to be small. The Elise is tiny, surely the Corvette isn't close? You'd be surprised...have you ever been next to a C4? It's a pretty small car, and the dimensions aren't actually THAT far off an Elise


The Corvette has a 6" longer wheel base. Visualize 6 inches - it's not a lot, just ask your girlfriend.

Width? The Corvette is a mere 2.1" narrower. Height? Corvette is only 3" taller, and with the top off it's even closer.


Length? Okay, the Corvette is 29" longer. Whatever, I'll chalk that up to 'murica

Alright, so lets talk weight. That's what I bet all of you that haven't actually read this already posted. 'The Corvette is SO HEAVY, how can you possibly think it's any more similar to the Elise than a dung beetle is similar to a corgi?!'


Yes, the Corvette is a porker. 3300 pounds! You could tow half of an Elise like one of those redneck truck bed trailers behind an elise and STILL not weigh as much as a Corvette!

But what about the oh-so often calculated power-to-weight ratio?

The 2005 Elise had 190 HP. That gives it a smidge over 10 pounds/horsepower (remember, the smaller this number the better, like golf). The Corvette? In GS trim the C4's LT4 put out a gobsmacking-for-1996 330hp. How many pounds/horsepower? Oh, 10. Just like the Elise


In conclusion, America rules, Britain can suck it, the C4 Corvette is basically a fat American Elise you can buy for half the price.