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The car so nice I bought it twice

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Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the GTI.

Specifically, it’s a 2020 GTI SE manual in White Silver Metallic. It’s replacing my 2018 GTI SE in Night Blue which I basically ruined for myself with my OCD - long story, but it had some minor cosmetic defects that I only made worse trying to fix, and it got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying the car. Since I still like the GTI itself, I figured starting over with a new one was the best move for my mental well-being, if not necessarily my financial health.


Just to illustrate how neurotic I am, I went over this one with a paint-depth gauge to make sure it was truly factory in every way before buying it. Despite this, it wasn’t until I got home that I found a small scratch on the edge of the hood, which must have been from someone lifting up the windshield wiper arm without placing it in the service position. Annoying, but thankfully it’s a pretty tiny scratch, and I’ve already ordered some touch-up paint to take care of it.

I would have got another Night Blue one if that color was still available, but it was discontinued for 2020 and the 2019s all got snapped up before I could get to them. That said, I’m liking this white silver color a lot. I don’t care much for white or silver separately as colors, but mixed together it’s intriguing. It goes from white to light blue to light gray depending on the lighting.


Since I’ve barely been driving while working from home it’s mostly been sitting - I actually got it 2 weeks ago but didn’t get around to removing the dealer license plate and frames until a few days ago. In addition to touching up the scratch I found, I still need to remove the dealer badge on the rear hatch as well as the tacky door edge guards. I also want to put some tint over the amber part of the headlights, which irritate me more than they did on the blue GTI for some reason, and get PPF to prevent rock chips. Once that’s done, I’ll hopefully have a worry-free car I can stick with for a while.

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