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The car that took my V10 cherry (E60 M5 review)

This hobby has provided me with so much epicness over the years one would think you would get numb to it all. But there is always something new, something unique and something you haven’t experienced yet. And that is the case with this one. Twice over actually!

Drive a BMW M car

Drive a V10

I have heard and captured many leave car shows, but never got the chance to experience one for myself. All that changed when I met the owner of this one, Naveed. He let me have a go, and I am a better man because of it. There is nothing that will prepare you for the sheer awesomeness of a F1 derived V10 in a sedan package when you are behind the wheel. And the fact that the DFW car community keeps surprising me with these awesome experiences? Mind blown!

What is your opinion on the E60 M5? Good, Bad or Ugly? My findings, as always... are in the video!


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