The Carrera T occupies an interesting niche in the 911 lineup.

Think of the T as a cheaper GTS.

Yes, we all know that the T is $10k more than a base Carrera, but you’re getting some pretty choice stuff for that money.


The Carrera T comes standard with the 20" Carrera S wheels ($1590) in a model-exclusive titanium paint. The interior is outfitted with the 4-way Sport Seats Plus package ($860). The sport exhaust the the T is outfitted with costs $2950 if you tick that box on a base Carrera. The GT Sport steering wheel it comes with? $330 for a Carrera. The T also has the $600 SportDesign mirrors.

In addition to all that it comes with Sport PASM standard...which previously was only available on the Carrera S models. It also gets a mechanical locking diff. It also comes with Porsche Torque Vectoring which is standard on the S.


So factor all that equipment in, and the gap narrows quite a bit. You’re looking at $99k for a base Carrera or $103k for a lighter Carrera T with a better suspension setup and a locking diff.

The T is also the only model below a GT3 in price that allows you to kit it out with those lovely full GT3 bucket seats (they’re a $5200 option from the factory, but try to buy em on eBay for your car and you’ll spend twice as much). You can also option it out with the Carrera S rear wheel steering.


Here’s another comparison to look at though...the $105k Carrera S.

The S has the same 3 liter twin turbo flat six, tuned up to about 420 horsepower. But unlike the previous, naturally aspirated generations, where the base Carrera was notably deficient on torque, the new, torquey turbocharged engines have narrowed the performance gap considerably between the base Carrera and the Carrera S (339lb-ft vs 368 lb-ft). The Carrera and Carrera T are barely slower than the S. Personally, I don’t think I could justify the price jump to an S, when the base turbo 3 liter already has a nice thick torque curve. The real reason to jump to the S in my opinion is for the performance hardware.


Looking at the options, the base price of the Carrera S swells when optioned out with the sport exhaust, Sport Seats Plus and the GT Sport steering wheel. It comes standard with PASM, and Sport PASM is another $890. SportDesign mirrors add another $600. So you’re looking at $112k for a Carrera S vs $103k for a Carrera T with the same options.

It should be noted that the T does not get the larger front brake discs and 6-piston calipers from the S. As mentioned previously, you can’t option out the S with the GT3-style bucket seats as you can on the T.


I actually feel like Porsche made a smart move with the Carrera T. The base engine is plenty powerful, and you get a nice combination of performance hardware and weight saving measures from much more expensive models.

I love to dream about a new 6-speed GT3 Touring or a Targa GTS with a 7-speed manual. But now, if I were looking to move up from my 997 to a new 911, the T is the one I would buy.

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