Because I need to get my mind off Princess Leia, and I’m bored.

AMGTech’s E55 AMG (01?)

This was a surprisingly pleasant place to be, both as a passenger and driver. Everything was silky smooth, hard to believe that it’s only 4 years newer than my own European luxury sedan (Volvo 850). This was for sale at a dealership in my area, so I picked AMGtech up from the airport to pick this beauty up. I got a drive in it as payment. We got slightly lost and the drive took a bit longer than anticipated, and ended with me spending more wheel time at his new car than himself. He then nearly died driving it home.

Ford F-something-rather box truck.

Not actual truck, just googled.


Driven for about 1 hour, after being awake for about 20 hours. Didn’t crash, though. General heavy truck-ness was enough to keep me alert most of the drive. But when we got there I made one of my brothers back it in. Also, it was raining. Also also, the thing would go up to around 4k before shifting, not sure if that was intentional or negligent maintenance.

1988 Ford Bronco


Pretty much everything I dreamed it would be and more. Until it died. That’s all I can bring myself to say on the subject.

10th gen F-150

Another Google image. No steelies on the one I drove.


2wd, auto, Essex V6. Just about as base as you can get. This was my brother’s DD until he got a company van, now it spends most of its days parked until it’s needed to haul something. In this case, I borrowed it to help move our mom. Some different things about this truck (at least from my vehicular experiences): automatic locks didn’t engage when you put it in gear, but when you took your foot off the brake or on the gas. I didn’t drive it long enough to determine which, exactly. Also, seatbelt chime would go off when the key was in the ignition, whether you were still in park or the engine wasn’t even running. Kind of obnoxious.

General truckishness made me miss my Bronco.

It just occurred to me I drove more trucks than usual this year. Huh.