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The cars I was considering buying

— if my 330 ended up being written off. Thankfully it seems that won’t be happening, but here’s this anyway so you all can laugh at my poor choices.

A manual is essential, as are four seats for occasional passengers. I have a weakness for RWD coupes because for now my lifestyle and my climate allows it. That and I love the shoulder visibility long doors give you.

AWD V6 Alfa 159



The 159 never got the Busso V6, but it did get a General Motors derived 3.2L built here in Australia, which is cool. And the interior is perfectly simple and beautifully finished. This particular one was beyond my budget, but they are generally not very easy to find and I don’t have the time and money to travel for an interstate car again.


Late model Mazda RX-8



Who hasn’t wanted an RX-8? I’ve wanted one since I was a kid and this would have been an opportunity to own the last of the rotaries. Yes, they are objectively terrible cars in every way but I doubt I would have kept it for more than a year or so. An added advantage is how cheap they are to buy, I would have paid very little over my insurance payout and gotten a fun car.


I don’t care much about the lack of power and the lack of torque. With cameras fucking everywhere I’d rather be having fun at the speeds that won’t cost me my license. The real problem for me is the fuel economy. I can’t justify owning a car that demands being driven hard and sucks petrol like a V8 when you do.




Apart from a larger size than I’d like and *appalling* visibility, manual ecoboost mustangs are basically perfect. Far over budget for now, but I’m sure I could have worked out something out with my dad who has been very close to buying one ;). Then again, he would probably want a V8...


Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86



Good cheap reliable fun. I love that they exist and I’m happy that they’re as popular as they are. I chose the BRZ specifically because, despite being less common I think the flat 4 deserves to have a Subaru badge. But I am a stupid narrow minded man and I love owning something even slightly “special”. A Toyota 86 is not that. :(


More importantly it comes down to this. Why should I live with one of those when I could have a -

BMW 135i



I purposefully started as far as I could from BMW but how many other cars get the formula so right? Perfect size, balance, and more power than I would ever need for little more than my E46 was worth. It’s ugly as sin (not debatable) but that really doesn’t matter. 



This dark green 335i



My favourite of my currently saved cars. I love green cars. I adore green BMWs. This particular one looks like a well kept one owner deal. I would lose some agility compared to the 135i, but I would get an infinitely better looking car and a much nicer interior.

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