2002 Dakota. Quite literally the perfect car for me.

1961 Corvair. Somehow, always makes me smile when I drive it. That’s a good thing!

1991 Grand Prix. See this car? Cops never did. Comfy and handled alright. Picture isn’t mine, but mine looked alot like it, sold it in 2001 with a quarter million miles. The oil always drained yellow.


2006 Ram. My current DD, does wet burnouts with great enthusiams. Also, screw Kinja


1987 Volvo 240GL, had it running for about a week, sold it for $1500, split the profits with my cousin. We got $550 each.


2004 Grand Prix GTP. How is the fastest and most well appointed car I ever owned on the bottom? It just felt like the interior was designed by six people who never met each other. Didn’t feel nearly as balanced as my ‘91. Failed the “park it up and not look back” test. Should’ve kept it since it was excellent in the snow.


Honerable Mentions:

1978 GMC, was my dad’s that I learned how to haul and tow with. Full time 4WD. I loved that truck

1980 Plymouth Champ, amazingly well balanced. Would have made a good race for my Corvair. Never was in my name though.


1990 Cherokee, my mom’s car. What I took my driver’s test in.