Because rowing your own will always be a joyous occasion, no matter how archaic it becomes.

In no particular order, here are the first few that come to mind.

Subaru SVX

A quirky Japanese halo car that was a complete 180° for the manufacturer, and can be found in good shape for less than a beat up Miata. All it needs is a manual.

Dodge Charger


In the upper trims at least, the Charger is a damn fine looking vehicle. While the underpinnings may not have changed much, let’s give Dodge some credit for yearly exterior changes that actually improved the look, unlike other manufacturers, *cough* Mustang *cough* BRZ. Sorry... Allergies. A Charger doesn’t look like the razer-sharp track weapon that is the CTS-V, nor is it similar to the bland-as-bath-water Chevy SS. Instead, it find a perfect balance safely in between.

Alfa Romeo 4c


Of all the brands to out-Lotus Lotus, I never would have expected Alfa. This car is damn-near unlivable for sane enthusiasts, but that’s what makes it so wonderful! Lightweight, loud, a very charismatic engine, and handling prowess that as a Miata owner I don’t want to talk about, it sports looks that put supercars to shame and a price that’s surprisingly reasonable for what it is. The thought of rowing your own gears in a 4c should be enough to get you drooling.

Volvo V90


Does a manual fit with the character of this fine wagon? No, it doesn’t. Even so, it’s impossible to deny the tingly feelings that present themselves upon thoughts of a six-speed transmission shoved into the best looking wagon currently for sale. Would be a great match with the twin-charged four cylinder... Come on Volvo. Make it happen.

Honorable mentions to the current CTS-V, the new Stinger, Audi TT-RS, current R8, and every single sporty Lexus on sale today.


What are your thoughts Oppo? Agree? Disagree?What auto-only car would you find most deserving of a manual, or manual-only car deserving of an autobox if you’re into that?