I’m bored, so here’s some marginally interesting cars from around my apartment complex (my last place was far more Jalop)

This rust moves under its own power:

Of course there’s tape:



Future classic or horrible beater? The random parts on the ground and smashed up decklid say the latter:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The world’s cleanest Plymouth Voyager:


It’s a refugee from the land of 10,000 lakes (though it’s been here far too long to not have Texas plates):

No Dent! Though NB: the rear bumper has been replaced:


This one is legit though:

Brown: ✅ 

Manual: ❌

Diesel: ❌

Wagon: ✅


Also probably abandoned?

This Nova Wagon (also sort of brown) hasn’t moved in the three years I’ve lived here, but someone does do a half-assed job of cleaning it, and airs up the tires about once a year:


Surprisingly fat looking tires on this El Camino:


We have a bunch of ambulances for whatever reason, though most of them are out during the day:

Remember Pontiac?


This Escort has been progressively losing its bumper. Two years ago it was mostly complete:

And in loving remembrance, this Mercedes truck that has since moved on: