I’ve been racing for the past year in the NorCal bike races (road races and Crits and I’ve seen a lot of cool cars and a weird pattern going on with wagons.)

Lots of subarus, the base models are usually driven by younger guys but STIs and WRXs are pretty common with the 40 ish crowd.

The E63 AMG wagon. Glorious turbo’d V8 and a lot of power. I saw 2 today.


Priuses are here and there, but occasionally you see a old school Impala SS.

Lots of BMWs. Saw 2 F11 328i wagons, various X3/X5, and a rather rare e46 Wagon.


Lots of Subie hatches as well as craptons of TDI wagons.


Aaaaaaannnd we have an avalanche.