I’ve talked about this before. And then Ferrari puts a turbo on a v-6 and everyone raves about it. Ferrari needs something that evokes their history and reminds everyone why their cars have spirit and excitement above and beyond anyone else’s models. This is a simple solution. A present-day Kawasaki zx-14 engine redlines at 11,000 rpm. A 3.5 liter Ferrari race engine from 1989 redlined at 12,500. There is not a single reason a streetable smaller v-12 can’t hit the streets with a redline of 11k with reliability of a GXR or ZX superbike-Today!

Just listen to the video above. Imagine, even with with mufflers and shrouded intake, how incredible a 3.5 liter, 12 cylinder would sound in a two seat car screaming along at lofty and obscene revs beyond any car out there is capable of. Oh, let’s say a miata or BRZ size with a longer nose to contain. Something that would bring back a little of what Ferrari was built on? It’s time. But what do I know. I’m just someone without money and by that rationale, obviously unfit to have ideas....even if it would have an easy 475-500 street friendly and clean hp.

They have V-12's yes. Guess what? Theyre huge and massively powerful, but I will argue that they are nothing what Ferrari was built on. An engine with a car for free. Driver experience. Nope. Leather plush and digital slush. I guess they have to sell cars somehow.