The Case For Mitsubishi Mirage

Disclaimer: I’m not employed by Mitsubishi in any way, I’m just a former owner of a CE9A who happens to love the platform.

I’ve been reading a multitude of negative reviews about the present Mitsubishi Mirage. They rarely caught my attention, however this recent article kinda made me think a bit.

As you all know, the younger generations today are faced with heaps of loans, job shortage etc. I believe the world’s current economic condition is kinda depressing, and it makes a good argument about not having car(s) for jalop’s sake (which, by our definition, i believe, is hooning them to death while still be able to haul ass and groceries. If it babies, it’s a plus. right ?). Hey, I have one baby and another is on the way, btw.

And here the Mirage comes in. You all want brown C63 AMG wagon or diesel A4 wagon, or E46 wagon, or just Miata. Now think about it again, guys.

The car technology and safety standards have gone orders of magnitude higher from the 90’s. I believe in the horsepower rating and safety ratings of this little Mirage. You know, in the days of CE9A, basic FF trim only gives you 81 HP with 1500cc engine. The NA Miata also roughly had 86 HP with 1600 cc engine, the one you love with pop-up headlights.

Now have a second look to the (current) Mirage. It produces 68 HP with a 1000cc I3. It’s the most fuel efficient car in the planet today without any fancy hybrid system. Some people said it’s amazingly analog. It handles superbly (yes, I’ve driven one, multiple times and not in short periods. I’d say whoever said the steering is vague probably had never driven a Mitsubishi other than Evo before). You can have it in the lovely manual or CVT. With a right buying/leasing scheme, it won’t break your bank unlike your 50000+ miles-old A4 wagon once it needs a timing belt change. Your gf will love you more because you’ll have more spending power for her instead of your oil-burning brotruck or LS1 powered frankendriftmachine. On top of that, it babies. Now you can have your car for life and for your jalop things. Have your cake and eat it too, I’d say !


And in the end, the Mirage might just be the lifeblood of your future Evo, just like those blasphemous Porhsce SUV’s are to the 911.

That’s it for my rant. Now please excuse me, I’ll be back on the saddle of my little Yamaha FZ.