The case for urban trucks

Worst picture of a Defender 110, but pretty good pic of my finger. I was actively being honked at as I took this at a stop sign.

A coworker yesterday was asking me about the Range Rover after I was complaining that my garage landlord wouldn’t stop calling me. He didn’t know that I had a secret life where I spend hours in a dirty garage repairing a cheap old SUV for “fun”. He asked me, “so once it’s all fixed up, what are you gonna do with it?”

Now, my fellow Oppos will immediately recognize this as a stupid question that has no answer and should not be asked. What am I gonna do with it? I don’t know, its a highly capable off road vehicle and I live in one of the most densely populated urban centers in the Country, why would you make me answer that?


Truthfully though, I think I get more enjoyment out of a tall, slow, capable truck than I could out of a low, stiff, and fast “enthusiast” car. I have several dream cars that I would love to own one day. Porsche 993 911, Lotus Esprit, Nissan GT-R, C7 Corvette, Etc. But none of these cars would be remotely enjoyable in Chicago. If I owned one of these low-slung performance beasts, I would probably never drive it and certainly wouldn’t enjoy the driving I did get to do in the City.

Meanwhile, a cool vintage off-roader? Sure, tap that bumper when you parallel park in front of me, I don’t care. I can take pot holes and speed bumps without even thinking about slowing down in my Rover.

I realize this is a rambling post, but my point is: cars are cool, cool cars are even cooler, and I don’t need to justify my ownership of something cool. Nobody needs an old Land Rover, but man are they cool.


Lead image is in front of a pizza place near me. The owner is a big car guy and always has something cool parked out front. He has a bright yellow International Scout with 36"s, an old Cadillac ElDorado, and apparently his newest is this bad ass 110 without a top. This guy gets it, and this rover will likely never see the mountains and river crossings it is “supposed” to be used for, but will still be a blast to cruise around our 3rd world pot-holed town in.

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