The CF Moto Rises Again! Maybe???

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Good, bad, and very ugly... :/

The good:

- Engine now starts, stops, and restarts as normal. Prior to today (but after the initial death of the scooter) if you ran the engine then shut it down, it will not start again until cold. I think this had something to do with the carb being fouled by that rusty fuel filter and the bad gas I ran through it when I first got the scooter.


- Radiator fan works. This scooter runs really cool, but running it on high RPM sitting still finally warmed it up enough to warrant the radiator. Good on CF Moto for making a competent cooling system.

- Replaced all fuel lines, fuel filter, and carb. Decided to use clear lines so I can see what’s coming out of the tank. Nice and clean.


- Dumped the old air system for a pod filter. No more sucking up the garbage from the crank breather and no more having to take apart the whole rear of the scooter just to change an air filter.

The bad:

- Top speed is 40. I assume this is because of the pod filter. I’m going to start restricting the filter and see how that changes the engine behaviour. I know the proper thing to do is rejet, but you know me... ;)


- Lots of gray smoke. I think this is also related to a poor air/fuel mix.

The very ugly:

- White smoke billows out of the crank breather at high RPM. I have no idea if this is related to our aforementioned pod filter or if that’s just normal?


- The milky mocha coloured oil is coming directly out of the crank breather. I’m not sure if that’s normal? The oil in the engine is clean, how in the world is it milky coming out of the breather? At any rate, I ran the engine at high RPM for a couple minutes and after a while both the white smoke and the milk stopped. I’ve read on other forums that a lot of milky oil is a mix of too much oil in the engine plus condensation, no idea how much weight that actually holds.

Anything I should be watching out for?

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