Doing paperwork on the 3 today. Got too busy yesterday.

Swapped out the rear speakers, removed my little sub and amp, pulled the hardwiring for the dashcams. All I have left is the radio (forgot my 10mm socket and it was getting dark) and the front speakers. Oh, and the power wire for the amp.

Then I will be swapping the wheels/tires back to the originals, and removing my Rallyarmor flaps.

Then it’s bye bye Camry.

Just driving it around the lot I’m hoping it makes it to auction (I was told “it better not break down”). The throwout bearing is still crying loudly when I depress the pedal, and the clutch engages right off the floor, and shudders. Makes shifting fun, and a bit crunchy. Oh well, I have faith.


The 3 has a new wheel bearing, two new control arms, a full tank of gas, and a bunch of the Camry’s crap in the boot. It’s good to go.