The (cheap) Stingers are coming!

All this Musk indictment business has drowned out the real news of the day! Kia Stingers are coming down in price. All us fanboys are gonna run out and get one now, right?

Okay, maybe not right away, but it’s cool that the incoming stock is (perhaps predictably) driving the ones one lots to nice discounts. From what I read on the FP, they still approached Kia’s sales goals for the year, so it’s not like it’s a disastrous fire sale.


I spoke to my Kia tech Tuesday. He told me they’ve had one guy buy two of them now in GT2 trim, with custom packages added on top, one in yellow and one in red. The red one I got to drool over in the service bay when it was being prepped. Apparently this same person also modded and souped up a new turbo Soul. Sounds like someone I want to meet.

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