The Cheapest Gateway Porsche Turbo (NP/CP)

If you’re insane enough. Fortunately, I am and it’s good to be something. Didn’t know that Minerva Blue was a color for these cars and after a quick search, WOW!

What a pristine Minerva Blue 931 looks like.

This 1980 Porsche 931 or 924 Turbo is certain to be a future collectible. It is a project that has not run for years. We believe that the mileage is correct as the previous owner parked the car in the early 80's. The engine does turn over but does not run. This 931 has the ultra rare 1 year only Dogleg 5 speed snailshell” G31 Transmission They are very sought after and sell for $2,000 alone They are stronger than the Audi based transmissions and were used in the 924 GT cars. Paint code is Minerva Blue which is a fantastic color. This 924 turbo will need a full restoration but will be a stunner when done. Magnus Walker has a 1980 924 Turbo exactly like this one and he raves about it. The Porsche Headquarters in Atlanta has 1 sitting in the Museum This is a very inexpensive way to get into a fun and rare porsche Very little rust and I would say that it is 95% complete Take a close look at the pics. The seats are just sitting in the porsche and I believe they are from a 911. Title in Hand. Worldwide shipping is available

Aside from being a 4-lug car, which means less desirable drum brakes, it’s an extremely worn down and tired version of my car with the missing carpets and cracked cocaine dashboard. Also nice description IMO.

This can be your gateway for only $1500! And I say “gateway” because it’s only $1500 to start, however much it costs after that....YMMV.

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