Seriously. When they had one on Top Gear I thought it was the usual nonesense. Wow.

After my Camry met it's fate, I was loaned a Chevy Aveo from my Grandparents (Couldn't spare the 2500 HD? Thats cool...). It is a total lump of garbage.

For starters it's a First Gen sedan, but I have no idea which year. 2009 maybe? The paint is a rather nice blue, however, and it has alloy wheels.

I fail to understand why ANYONE would purchase such a car BRAND-NEW like they did. No electric windows, no electric locks. The seats feel like a run-of-the-mill lawnchair. The manual gearbox lacks any sort of feel or connection. The gas pedal comes with a .7 second delay from the time I put my foot down to the time the engine actually decides to pick up the revs.

The handling lacks inspiration, and doesn't give me any feeling of confidence at all.


I typically carry a lot of crap as standard: Toolkit, 3 or 4 different jackets, a set of "Nice" clothes, a set of "Workout" clothes, spare set of shoes, deodorant, a toothbrush, some toothpaste, jumper cables, 6 bottles of water, 2 boxes of Cliff bars, 2 school backpacks, some books, and a folding chair. The Camry's trunk would swallow that all up with ease. This though, the trunk is probably 60% full. Where will I put anything I actually need to carry?

Sure, it gets 30 MPGs. But so did my Camry, which had more features, was larger, faster, and felt more solid.


It has a 10-gallon tank, which I guess is standard now? 300 miles is much shorter than 450 in between stops. This is annoying.

I also thought that "Interior Quality" was a load of BS too. The number of rattles coming from various bits of trim is irritating. The plastics feel like crap.The road noise is unbearable. The stereo is shit.


I know this is a bit of a rant, but seriously? They bought this NEW? I could think of ENDLESS comparable cars which would have cost the same amount, but been all-around better cars.

Seriously. Don't buy one. Ever.