In the land of Southern California I’ve seen many Bolts, and a handful of Model 3s. As Southern California only tails la la land slightly, I mean the Bay Area, then I’d say my sightings are good scientific metric of success.

This should come as no surprise as A: there are more Chevrolet dealers in the state than Tesla, even though most probably don’t want to see a Bolt*. B: it’s actually available! C: Did I mention it’s available? That may be a factor of GM having experience in building cars for many decades instead of focusing on “disrupting” the industry and profits actually being a goal of theirs.

Having seen both the 3 and Bolt in person, and the Bolt in very close person, the Bolt looks so tiny; even smaller than my Golf. It may be able to fit Sideshow Bob in it, but it looks like it has less usable cargo space and less space for humans in the back seat.

*Based off my experience getting two e-Golfs dealers don’t seem to keen on selling that and would rather get me into a 96 month loan on some other made in America for America piece of crap.