The Chevrolet SS in the wild.

This weekend I had the house to myself. My roommates were all out of town doing fun things that didn’t involve attending Jim Harbaugh’s first win a) in the Big House and b) as Michigan’s coach. Well I was hungry and didnt want to cook so I ordered a pizza and walked a few blocks to pick it up. The pizza was a culinary masterpiece and, at $9.99 before taxes for an 18”, easy on this cash-strapped engineering student’s bank account. The meat of the story happens whilst walking home, pie in hand. See, there are a lot of cool cars running around Ann Arbor, from Lambos and Ferraris to Lotusus and Porsches. We even have a maize and blue Nissan Juke! However, I did not expect what I was about to see.

As I was approaching a stop light, there it was. A 2015 Nissan GTR Black edition. You were expecting me to say Chevy SS weren’t you. See, I remember seeing an SS badge on the car behind the GTR, but was very distracted by the mere presence of such a ferocious beast. (the GTR) I walked up to the intersection (which had just turned from white walkman to red stopman) and turned to look at the GTR again when I noticed something. The car that had the SS badge on the rear deck lid, the car that I had subconsciously assumed was a Camaro (demonstrating the monumental statistical improbability of seeing an SS) was in fact a Chevrolet SS. In all of its 415hp V8 glory. I, in front of the world, nearly broke into tears of joy. I was honored that I, a mere college student, could have the opportunity to be blessed by such a rare creature. As it pulled away from the intersection I realized that I had no way of proving that someone bought one and actually drove it on a real road. I had heard the myths and legends of such a car existing but like bigfoot it only ever existed in the collective minds of those crazy enough to believe in its existence. So i delicately balanced my pizza in one hand and took a picture as fast as I could before it got too far away. I could care less about that GTR. It might as well have been an Altima in the presence of the SS. I hope one day to be able to see it again. Hopefully I can get a better picture.


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