My 2005 V6 convertible automatic Mustang has gotten me more undeserving “secretary car” and “chick car” and “that’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen” comments than my ‘91 Miata ever did. Despite all of this, I’m rather pleased with my purchase. Here are some pros/cons to an 11 year old base model Mustang.

The Good:

Quiet, smooth ride. Handling is good enough for daily driving. Doesn’t wallow or feel floaty. Transmission shifts smooth (most of the time) and the engine is able to keep up with pretty much any Average Joe-mobile on an on-ramp (my dad’s 2012 Taurus SEL has the same supposed 0-60 time as my car). I feel safe driving it. Speaker system with the addition of a small sub in the back and a Pioneer head unit sounds fantastic. Someone made a shorty antenna, which looks way better than the stock flagpole. Very little road noise.


The Bad:

The seats are getting progressively less comfortable the more I have the car. Base model cloth FTL. The fuel economy is pretty garbage (18mpg is my highest so far). Visibility in any direction is a joke. The seating position means I have to have my knees crammed against the dash just to see much over the hood, which means I can’t recline the seat as much as I’d like. Everything rattles. Friggin EVERYTHING. RATTLES. Lol 11 year old Ford. The exhaust resonates at 3000rpm and shakes everything for some reason. Someone replaced the cool “spinner” hubcaps with ones that have a stupid blue oval on them. The car has been tuned in the past, and poorly. Throttle response is almost undrivably aggressive, and getting it re-tuned is gonna be around $400-600.

That’s a decent set of “bad” but a lot of that are just compromises that have to be made when choosing a me-too muscle car instead of a toyota camry (or the car I was cross-shopping it with, a 2004 SeVille STS). Still, it’s the quickest car I’ve owned and while I am satisfied with it for now I still look forward to being able to afford its eventual replacement.