We all know that China is world famous for reverse engineering everything from sunglasses, to iPhones, and all the way up to cars. But in recent times, China's emerging auto industry has actually churned out some original vehicles. Some of which, are actually attractive!

But don't think they've stopped their old ways just yet. You may remember a few years ago several Chinese companies made direct copies of the smart fortwo city car. And all but one backed down when Daimler threatened to sue. Daimler sued that last company...and lost the case - because apparently all city cars are bound to look like a distinctive, unique, two-tone city car.

Here's that car: The Shuanghuan Noble (known as the Wheego Whip in the U.S.)


I've always thought to myself, "why haven't the Chinese tried copying the current generation car?" Oops, spoke too soon...

This beauty is called the Zap Sparkee...and it's here to assault your eyes and make the heads at Daimler steam like a teenagers chain vaping e-cigs.


Yes, that's 99% of the smart's design directly copied over...with maybe 1% simply distorted to look oh so slightly different.

Oh, and did I say that this baby comes with Lead-Acid batteries as standard? That's the wave of the future right there. Tesla watch out, apparently it's supposed to get up to 100 miles on a charge and only cost about $12,000.

Here's another article about it for a good laugh.

And for giggles, the Zap vs. my own car.


(Top Photo Credit: Wikipedia) (By the way, that's a Noble)