Proto: Great-Wall-Motor Company

Crappy badly built knockoffs, right? Hold on! An article from the WSJ, over two years ago, showd they are turning the reliability corner and somehow not spinning into gravel traps or exploding into firey bits of fire.

Instead of investing in their own industry, China only had to create a market - then wait for investment money to come get in the industry bed. Either from foreign auto tech purhcases or foreign dulcolax-like bank invement, money coming in is making their offerings more soid. It could have been a result over their citizens importing massive volumes of foreign cars, even at a 260% import tax instead of buyinglocal fare, but to make their cars salable, money had to come in.

The article showed in the year 2000, Chinese car brands had over 800 problems per 100 cars. 8 each on average. So a few perfect models could easily be offset by a monday morning post-baijiu binge festival car with 50 problems right into the toilet parked in the newly paved driveway of the newly built new-neighborhood house. By 2005, through foreign technology purchase such as MG or Israel bank money infusions, that figure halved. By 2011 it halved again. By 2015, JD Power reported the domestic Chinese brands are down to 120 problems per 100. To put this in a frame of reference, the international brands are showing 98. Wei builds a decent car now eh?