The list of chores for the long weekend is long this year. While waiting for parts to arrive for the Explorer. I decided it was time to tackle some of the outside improvements. First up, a new French drain. Perfect time to test out the new wood on the trailer!

I only needed one scoop of gravel for this project. The Outback is rated for 2,000 pounds, so this little load was nowhere near the limit.


Half unloaded!

The drain at this end is placed where the porch roof and the main roof form a hip. The funny shape is where the water coming from the roof cut a channel. The whole thing will be rock when I am done.

The far end ties into the French drain on the side of the house. The two drain to the back ditch. This was the first test.. Everything drains properly, so I can finish it up tomorrow.


That is, after I do some work on the Explorer....