The Citroën Traction Avant is 80 and they all came to party

I wasn't at this particular party -I just stumbled across the video– but just look at it: there's so many of them! A whole Dutch town is absolutely heaving with the French godfather of all mass produced unit body, FWD cars.

They were made for a long time past 1934, of course, but even the very youngest of that bunch is still at least 57 years old. More than that, these were family trucksters, not luxury ponies, and so beloved of bank robbers that many still refer to them as 'gangster limousines'. They were also beloved of the French resistance, of course, though the Nazis liked them too- which is probably why I could spot only one or two pre-war examples...

Just seeing those elegant lines rumble past is not helping my resolution to not buy stuff I don't need, though...


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