So after my run-in with a flash flood last week my Civic was left with a thoroughly soaked floor. Frantic wet-dry vacuuming and removing the front seats ensued because I left Thursday on vacation and had to leave the car in whatever state it was when I left. After getting 3 gallons of water out of the floor it was still soaked when I left. I had my dad pull it out in the heat (black car, Kansas sun. It’s actually hotter here than it was in Texas, wtf). Came back and...

The floor is dry! :D

But it’s growing orange mold D:

But this stain remover I have makes it go away! :D

But I’m almost out of stain remover D:

Gonna go buy a bunch of athlete’s foot spray, more carpet cleaner, and some febreeze and I’m gonna DOUSE that shit.