The Classic Car Culture and "Bro" Attitude Have to Separate

I don’t get it. Someone posts a pic of a beautiful woman dressed tastefully with a perfectly restored sports car. Cue the frat boy bro culture comments to be posted:

“Can we have a photo with the top off please?” Of course a few minutes later the poster says “I meant the car.” Sure you did, you bastard. This is the just the beginning of the avalanche of inappropriate comments. Most are double entendre, followed with winky emoticons. If someone dares to object to it they are told to lighten up, stop being so politically correct, or “we’re only joking.”

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This is the type of photo that starts all this “banter.” I’m befuddled by the fact the same jerks who will objectify the woman (Yasmin Le Bon in this photo) will say how they don’t understand why there are fewer and fewer young people and women in the British car or any other niche classic car hobby with their next breath. What, you don’t think posting comments like “nice bodywork”, “oh there are cars in the picture?”, “would love to polish those curves” are inappropriate and have nothing to do with it?


I love the response of “ like in everything else, sex sells. If he did not want you to notice the girl, the photographer could have simply shot pictures of the car. Or he could have use a much simpler model or a senior citizen or a man for that fact.” So I guess this guy is of the argument women ask to be harassed, heckled, leered at, and objectified. I bet he’s cool if his wife dresses nicely to have her catcalled and harassed by guys on the street, because you know, she put herself out there in public. She must be asking for it, right? That response totally makes my point. He is valuing a woman on her appearance.

So what if these guys saw the same type of comments about their wife, daughter, granddaughter, niece, girlfriend, etc? Is it still ok? Are they willing to say these comments verbatim to the photographer and or the model in person? Or how about with their wife, daughter, niece, granddaughter, or girlfriend standing next to them? Or are they just bullies behind a keyboard, trying to be “manly” and waiting for their set to drop and a backbone to miraculously appear in them? Cowards love the internet.


I’m disappointed and embarrassed by this behavior. Also a bit uncomfortable when guys in their 50s, 60s, 70s, are making these types of remarks about women their daughter or granddaughter’s age. Actually, it disgusts me. I know a number of kick ass women who not only are wonderful, loving, strong, smart and independent, but they also can outdrive me any day of the week.

I don’t want to hear the “men will be men” BS excuse. I don’t want to hear the “It’s just us having fun”, or “it’s all in jest.” Sounds like a bunch of bullies making excuses after someone they picked on took their life. If you don’t have the guts to say it in person, then stay silent. If you only can do it via a keyboard, welcome to the Halls of Cowardice. If you are making comments about a woman 30-40 years younger than you, well...

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