If you've never seen a BMW 507 Roadster in person, put it on your list, they are freaky-pretty. Considering that it actually preceded a long line of much more celebrated roadsters like the E-Type, the Alfa Duetto, the Lotus Elan, and of course the Mazda Miata, this car was downright revolutionary in mid 50's.

One of the guys at Heacock Classic posted a brief description on one, and I was reminded how much I love these cars. They are a pure expression of the roadster, and with 170 bhp in 1958 they weren't all that slow either.

I mean, just look at this interior. Check out that prominent chrome ashtray, the white steering wheel that looks like it open the door on a futuristic space station, and the NOBS, the sweet sweet NOBS!


I defy you, world, to show me a classier roadster.