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the client request was for 28 units which needs 56 parking spaces. This is the closets I’ve come and its really kinda stretching things.

the street is at the bottom. The site naturally drops about 1 story from front to back. The goal is to get the parking down one story while maintaining parking counts.  


in the front we have a one way pull around for uber/amazon/rockauto deliveries. the parking goes down on the right. From my googling i’m limited to a 6.67% slope. that gets me about 5'. I think i can get a couple more feet in a ramp going down from right to left. A ramp can go up to 20%, but if its outside with snow, 15". But that also requires transition segments. I’m thinking I can do 10% for about 3, maybe 4’. If I can get the first floor up a couple feet and a ramp to connect this, it could work.

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