The Clock is Ticking

I have one year to buy and sort out a car for my oldest child. I had originally thought that this would be a years long thing that we would do together as father and daughter, but alas my daughter is not into all.

Despite her mother and I’s best efforts, we have raised a super prissy girl that doesn’t like sports or getting dirty or building shit. Actually that’s not 100% correct, she does like to do crafty things, paint, sew, and knit/crochet a little bit. I have no gifts or training (or ever had the opportunity to explore) in those areas so I guess we’re a pretty complimentary pair in that respect. She’s also a super talented singer and, with no lessons or formal training outside of what she’s received over the last school year, a pretty decent by ear piano player.


I don’t know about y’all, but when I started driving in the 80's cars were still slightly terrifying. I drove a ‘72 Chevy Impala that weighed about 14,000 lbs and had drum brakes, when you were driving in the rain you were CAREFUL.

My first thought is that I want her to be driving something just this side of Fury Road to start. I always wanted a Mustang and I was thinking that might a good first car. Buy a cheap 90's Mustang with one of those dog shit V6 engines and a 5 speed so that she actually has to learn how to drive. It would still have an airbag and possibly ABS but no traction control and would be RWD. Is this a stupid idea?

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