So a little while ago I had Cody from Cobb Tuning on the podcast. Cody, on top of being one of the nicest guys I ever spoke to, was generous enough to send me some things from Cobb to try out. I am still putting together a full review of the Stage one kit. (Camera and some other equipment failures, & free time to do a proper review have really been a bitch). I feel I just talk about the one thing I didn’t think I would like, and has turned into my favorite thing sent to me.


So when I was chit chatting with Cody post interview, he was rather insistent that I give the Cobb Knob a try. So not one to turn down a thing, I said sure.

This is the best car based aftermarket thing I have had my hands on (pun intended) ever.


The Looks.
I hate most aftermarket knobs, they look gaudy, or over the top, or just plain trying to hard. This is a great looking piece. It could be stock if not for the Cobb logo there. It is beautiful and elegant in its simplicity.

The feel.
One of the things I didn’t believe was that the knob wouldn’t get hot in the summer, or cold in the winter. I was wrong, I don’t know what super science they used to make this thing, but it doesn’t get hot or cold! I have been to the car on boiling hot days, and Arctic Vortex days, no pain either way. Perhaps this is a symptom of Cobb being a Texas based company. The only noticeable difference when left out in the sun is some how the Knob feels a little more plastic like. As if you can feel the polymers that are fighting the heat. Besides that miracle of engineering, the Cobb Knob, has a almost visibly noticeable set of groves for grip up top that provide a solid, but not uncomfortable feeling when shifting. You know you have a good grasp with out hurting or indenting your hand.


The Fiesta ST has a Reverse Lock out ring I would find myself absence mindlessly playing with when I had the stock shift knob. The added height of the Cobb Knob moved this to just out of “Ike is an idiot and plays with everything range”, and hadn’t been a problem since. Also with the added height, I (all 6'2" of me) find shifts more comfortable, and at a better position in the car, but maybe a smaller framed person might be annoyed with it.

If you enjoyed reading this, please consider giving this article on a read.


All in all I say buy it! It’s a great addition to your vehicle, surprisingly so. Do yourself a favor and get one!