I'm getting into an argument with a guy whose claiming an AC Cobra is better than a LS swapped Miata when discussing small cars with big engines put in. His reason? Feels>Reals I guess.

Sorry 60s car fanboys, leaf spring non-independent suspension, iron block engines with pre-70s inflated hp numbers, and body on frame designs are not superior to modern technology of any kind.

I find myself finding people with opinions like that a lot on this subject and it's getting annoying. This isn't 1982. It's always some jackass rockabilly fanboy or someone who wishes it was the 50s or 60s (without hippies or MLK) still. That's when it's not just someone who doesn't know shit about cars. All the old men that I know that like those cars know the difference between a modern an ancient tech vehicle is like to own.

The cars are cool, and could be argued to be "cooler" than modern cars. That is an opinion that has nothing to do with facts.

Edit: For some background on why this set me off so easily it's just annoying when someone talks over and over again how their early 1960s Malibu is an awesome car that could take my WRX or Mustang on with ease. This isn't that guy, that is another person and who set me off on being sensitive to this. Now when people refuse to stop arguing their pet 1960s project is superior to anything new I can't help but to be annoyed.

The Miata also wasn't my example, it was someone else's that I was defending.

What the inferior technology in question might look like: