Paying tribute to the amazing woman who built this machine, I named it after her all time favourite plane, the Lockheed C-130H. Thus, here is the C-2070H!

We originally felt like Corsair’s RGB was all gimmicky, but we’ve pulled a full 180. These things are darn near infinitely customizable. I went with a pink base for the fans and front panel then overlayed a RGB effect on top. The fans have a raindrop effect. In motion it resembles a nightclub! These pictures don’t do it justice!

The front panel has a sort of Knight Rider thing going on. The pink is overlayed with a colour changing band that darts back and forth.


The front panel supports three fans, so I’ll get two more of the front fans. When I upgrade the CPU I’ll likely go with an AIO cooler with RGB support. This case is brilliantly designed to hide a radiator without compromising the looks. There is a maybe 3 inch gap between the top cover (which has large vents) and the ceiling of the case.


Sadly, we did find out that our M.2 is really just a SSD and not the NVME we thought it was. The box it came in was a bit misleading. Ugh. At least it’s basically the fastest SSD I’ve ever seen.


As for the RTX 2070, it crunches through games so well that most of the time the fans are either off or just one is running.

I can't thank you enough, Madame DeLorean. <3