You may have seen part one and read through my trials of retrieving my battery from the abyss that is the small corner of the engine bay it was banished to.

This is where I carry on to Part 2: the search for more money juice.

I got the battery home around 10 pm last night with my car resting in the back of the wal-mart parking lot. I have an 8 amp charger that I bought the last time I was working on my car that I was going to use to charge the battery this time around. The problem is I forgot the terminals in the car and had nothing to connect the charger with. I tried to jerry rig a couple random bolts just to see if it would work and it was a no go.


I decided I would have the wife drive me into work and we’d stop by oreilly’s in the morning to see if they could test/charge the battery. I had a good idea what to expect but I keep hoping one of these guys will actually charge my battery. I take it in and after waiting 10 minutes to be talked to I ask him to test it and he fires up the computer and quickly kicks out an alarm with a report that the battery is bad. I said ok and bought a 2 pack of terminals with him reassuring me the battery is definitely dead.

Flash forward 11 hours and I finally get home to hook up the battery and it instantly begins charging. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be an ongoing series of posts.