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The Coolest Car on BaT

This is currently the coolest car on BaT. a 1966 Fiat van, that is claimed to have been a support vehicle by Ferrari. Makes sense, you have to have support vehicles in racing, and you might as well show some national pride and you one from your country.

Unfortunately the sell has no documentation of the car being owned, or even used by Ferrari. Accordingly the price is down where it should be for a oddball classic like this. its currently at 6k with a day left. I wouldn’t be surprised if ti sells for 20k.


20k might seem like a lot, however if you could buy this car without documentation, and then turn around and get proof that it was at least owned by Ferrari, and that the decals are original to the car, you could have one hell of a flip on your hands. I’d bet some Ferrari collector would pay stupid money to have this in the garage with his 60, or 70s cars.


Also you have to once again notice how Italians could make such a utilitarian vehicle so charming.

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