A guy in Washington Park had this under a cover on his front lawn a while ago, but the other day the cover was off so I snapped this shot. Not pictured is the driveway with a Volvo 122 wagon and some older Saabs.

It’s apparently an interesting neighborhood over there, since a guy right around the corner has a pair of Volvo 240s as well.


Providence is a decent city for car spotting sometimes. There’s a pair of R32 Skylines, a guy with a bunch of Ferraris, a stanced purple Porsche 911. The colleges bring in a lot of foreign students with a lot of money, so there’s always neat stuff near JWU and Brown.

I really ought to take more pictures, the only other Providence car I have a picture of is this:

It’s pretty clean, but not as clean as it looks in the picture.

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