I haven’t checked it out completely, but it seems like the local corner bar is getting a bit more popular, for better or worse. While I am glad to see local businesses grow and become more popular I am worried about some of the negative effects it’s having on the neighborhood. Parking is one such issue, and I’m having to park further away from my house when I come home on the evening.

Noise is another problem. Not from the bar itself but the patrons having loud arguments late at night outside my bedroom window. Then there’s the potential for drunk driving and damage to parked cars. I don’t have a garage or carport do I have to park on the street. I’ve already had the bumper cover scratched and nearly torn off, and someone had backed into me with their trailer hitch and punctured the other bumper cover. Tonight someone got in their vehicle and it sounded like they started it with the accelerator mashed down, revving to redline as the car started, the kind of thing someone might do of they weren’t exactly sober.

Is there anything that can be done to calm my fears? Should I be worried about what the popularity has the potential to do to the neighborhood? I foresee accidents and misc. property damage, as well as decreased quality of life, if things continue on this path.

Being the corner bar, within stumbling distance of home I wish it was a place I could hang out at, but it’s not really my scene. It would be nice to be on good terms with the proprietors so that I could bring up my concerns as a neighbor. I’m sure most bars have these kinds of problems, so this stuff has probably already been discussed and addressed at other places around the city and the country.


Any suggestions?