The corner by my house has claimed yet another victim who shouldn't have a driver's license.

Yes, I am a total creeper. In my defense this is shot from 300 feet away with a telephoto via the window in front of my desk. Very discrete.

It’s only been a month since the last time some idiot was speeding around this dangerous corner while crossing the median and smashed into someone. Here we go again... I heard a good 2 or 3 seconds of tire screech and then SMASH. This is a new one. I’ve never seen someone go so fast up this hill that they slid into the oncoming lane. The turn is 100 feet from an intersection with a stop sign... this idiot had to have fucking floored it all the way up the hill. Some people... I hope this asshole gets a ticket for it and is reamed by his insurance company. At least he didn’t take anyone else out like the last degenerate who caused an accident.

As usual I called it in via the non-emergency line because this happens often enough that it isn’t worth a 911, and our boys in blue were there in 30 seconds (I’m half a mile from the police station). Fuck’s sake Oppo. Fuck’s sake. As usual I had a halfhearted short conversation with the dispatcher about making one of the handpainted signs our town uses for reminders on dangerous intersections to soften the message a little bit. The police always like the idea, and ask me to come in and speak to the sergeant on duty about doing it. I have a feeling that the only way those go up, no matter how badly they’re needed, is via concerned citizens. I do paint for fun anyway so this wouldn’t be too much trouble, but I would want to clear the design with all of my neighbors first, and I’m studying for the LSAT on June 11 so I just don’t have time for this right now. I should really stop being so lazy about this before someone gets killed though... my family could have been walking the dog right there where he hit the tree. My neighbors have young kids who wait at a driveway right by the truck.


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