A little over a week ago, I shared with you the plight of one of my dad's clients, who had a white Mercedes smash though the front of their building. Today I was at the building with him, and it is almost 100% repaired. As it turns out, the reason the hole was so square was because the Benz hit directly below a wide window, so it essentially just knocked out the window and the bit of drywall below it. Had it been a space or two to the left, it would've smashed into a crowded bakery, which would be bad. Had it been a space or two to the right, it would've gone into the owner's storage garage, which houses their boat, several ATVs, some maintenance equipment, and this beflamed 1980 Corvette Convertible. It is worth noting that with a 190hp V8 and a 3 speed automatic, this is not a fast Corvette. In fact, it is a slow one.